What’s the role of the toothpick produced by the toothpick machine!

Many people will use it after eating! We should all know this point. In our lives, toothpicks still have a lot of other functions! Although the toothpicks produced by our toothpick machines are small, it has a very important role! If you want to know more, you can read the following passage written by our toothpick machinery manufacturers! … Read more

The Significant Maintenance Work After Using Bamboo Stick Machine

We are Zhengzhou Shuliy machinery manufacturing ,which is profession bamboo machine manufacturer .The main production lines are BBQ Stick Production Line , Bamboo Toothpick Production Line , Wood Toothpick Production Line .We have many rich production experience. We have excellent products and reputation in the same industry . Our products mainly include automatic toothpick machinery … Read more

 Application of Bamboo Dissection Machine in Bamboo Processing

The bamboo dissection machine is driven by a motor to break the bamboo into uniform width bamboo strips in bamboo processing. It is mainly used for the preparation of bamboo products in the early stage of bamboo production. There are a lot of tools installed on the front end of the broken bamboo machine. When the bamboo … Read more

Precautions in Using Sharpen Machine  

Pay attention to the maintenance of the sharpening machine, which can ensure the long-lasting performance of the sharpening machine and effectively improve the service life of the sharpening machine. The following points should be paid attention to in the daily use of the sharpening machine to make the sharpening machine more efficient. When the sharpener … Read more

The Guidance of Using Dental Floss and Toothpicks

There are two types of dental floss. One is a white line made of soft rubber. After brushing the teeth, we can take out a floss, then we stand against the mirror and slide it up and down in the middle of our teeth to clean the stains hidden in our teeth. Because of the cost-effective price, the … Read more

The Bamboo is Made into Toothpicks by Machine

The toothpick is an oral hygiene product mainly used to remove foreign matter from the gap of the teeth. Due to its small size, the material is usually bamboo or tough wood, metal, etc. It is generally pointed or wide at both ends. Sticky body, and it is easy to handle or be burned by … Read more

Automatic BBQ Sticks Making Machine for Sale

The bamboo sticks produced with the bamboo toothpick making machine are a tool for processing food. The main purpose is to string the food together, which is often used for satay skewers, kebabs, or various street snacks. The bamboo stick is made of bamboo, hence the name. When eating some street snacks, you can use two bamboo … Read more

The secret of the toothpick

Toothpicks are something we often use. I believe that it is also available for every family. Almost all of us use toothpicks after we have finished eating. Mainly because when we are eating, especially meat, something is easier to get stuck in our teeth, which make us very uncomfortable. Therefore, we have our toothpicks for such problems. Do not look … Read more

Make a Handcraft With Toothpicks

Many friends know what the toothpick is doing, but many don’t know that the toothpicks can also be used as a craft. This article will briefly introduce how to make a small craft chair with toothpicks at home. 1. Prepare tools and materials: ten toothpicks, white glue, thread, foam, and scissors. 2. Cross the tops of the two … Read more