Precautions in Using Sharpen Machine  

Pay attention to the maintenance of the sharpening machine, which can ensure the long-lasting performance of the sharpening machine and effectively improve the service life of the sharpening machine. The following points should be paid attention to in the daily use of the sharpening machine to make the sharpening machine more efficient.

  1. When the sharpener machine is working , note that the amount of feed can not be too large, usually controlled between 0.01-0.02mm, in order to prevent the feed amount from being too large to form a paste knife and the heat is too high to deform the blade, and the blade edge of the milled blade is not in a straight line.
  2. Pay attention to the maintenance of the sharpener. The maintenance work of the sharpening machine is very simple, but it is hard to insist. Do the trivial things, and the function of the sharpening machine can be played very well.
  3. In general, flank wear is the most common form of wear on high-speed cutting flaker blades and can be seen as normal wear of the flaker blades. The increase of the width of the flank wear band will cause the blade of the flaker to lose the cutting performance. The microchipping is a small gap generated on the cutting edge of the blade of the flaker, which often occurs during intermittent high-speed cutting. The flaker blade data and the flaker blades are still cut.
  4. Another common type of wear is that the chasm wear occurs at the edge of the blade edge of the flank of the flaker blade.

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