Pakistan customer ordered a wooden toothpick production line

In some economically underdeveloped places, toothpicks can only rely on imports. Therefore, the development of the toothpick processing industry can not only achieve profitability, but also meet the needs of the local market and promote industrial development. Nowadays, buying a complete toothpick production line to produce toothpicks is an industry supported by many local governments. Recently, a Pakistani customer purchased a full set of wooden toothpick production lines from our factory for the local government.

Complete Bamboo Toothpick Machines Were Shipped to Kenya

Toothpicks are a common daily necessities, and they are versatile. The production of toothpicks requires complete toothpick processing equipment. Therefore, many foreign customers have ordered a full set of toothpick machines from our factory for mass production of toothpicks. Recently, we exported complete toothpick machines to Kenya.

Bamboo toothpick making machine exported to Nigeria

Recently, the toothpick making machines in our factory are very popular, and we have exported many sets of toothpick processing equipment to many countries. Last week, we shipped another bamboo toothpick production line to Nigeria. We also provided the Nigerian customer with a lot of technical information and instruction manuals and work videos of the toothpick machine.

Toothpick Making Machines With Professional Technical Support

The long bamboo sticks produced with the bamboo sticking machine are a tool for handling food. The main purpose is to string together the food, which is often used for satay skewers, kebabs, or various street snacks. The bamboo stick is made of bamboo, hence the name. When eating some street snacks, such as the … Read more

Where to By Toothpick Making Machine ?

  Do you want to start your own toothpick business? Are you looking for the high quality and high-tech toothpick making machines? Then come to the questions: where to buy? Now, I give you the answers. Zhengzhou ShuliyMachinery Co., Ltd provides you with one package service. There are many machines to be used to make … Read more

 BBQ with Bamboo Sticks or Stainless Steel SkewerS?

In fact, the earliest barbecues were made by iron-plated ones. At that time, people used one-end sharpened bicycle spokes as a barbecue stick, which was relatively expensive and needed to be recycled. Especially the take-away package, the barbecue stall owner will pick up the meat on the skewer and put it in a small paper … Read more

High-tech, High-quality Toothpick Polishing for Sale

Most of the existing toothpicks are made of bamboo. After the initial cutting, the toothpicks have rough surfaces and burrs, which need to be polished and smoothed. The existing polishing machine motor drives the front and rear and collides to polish the toothpicks’ surface. This type of toothpick polishing machine is prone to the presence of defective products, affecting the … Read more

Practical Polishing Machine Maintenance Instructions

Firstly, after every 40 hours of operation, check the air filter installed under each polishing machine and turntable, and clean the shaft (do not use compressed air). Secondly, for two months or 300 hours, you need to manually lubricate the shaft that supports the movement of the liquid wax spray gun; work for three months … Read more

Bamboo Toothpick Machine|Bamboo Toothpick Manufacturing Plant

Bamboo Toothpick Processing Machine is mainly used to process bamboo into small toothpicks. Final product with diameter 2.2 mm and the length 65 mm with two sharpened ends. The capacity is 600000 pcs/8 hours. SHULIY.GROUP also offer Wood Toothpick Processing  Machine . Features of the total bamboo toothpicks production line: 1, The total set of machinery needs … Read more