BBQ Stick Production Line


BBQ Stick Making Line includes 6 sets. The different of production between toothpick and BBQ stick is two parts in polishing machine and sharpen machine and some spare parts in other same machines.

Process of the BBQ stick processing line

The above BBQ Stick Processing Line: pre-processed wood blanks – opening – drawing into silk – bleaching – drying – cut to length – polishing – sharpening – packaging.

It is a BBQ Stick Making Line with an output of 400,000 in 8 hours and about 200-500 kg in dry wooden sign. It is necessary to operate 3 to 4 employees and use 380v industrial power. Adding a No. 5 machine, the output is 800,000. Generally, the wood of each cube can produce 2-4 thousand pieces of wooden labels with different diameters between 2.5-3.0mm and lengths of 150-300mm, and about 20-35 kilograms of dry finished products.

Parameters of the BBQ stick processing line

Name Model Power(KW) Weight(KG) Size(mm)
1 Timber dividing machine DN-656 4.55 320 1050*680*1050
2 Wood filament shaping machine DN-652 4.95 320 1050*680*1050
3 Wood filament set-size machine DN-105 0.75 75 1500*700*900
4 Polishing machine DN-106 1.50 230 2200*1050*850
5 BBQ stick mincing machine (unoccupied or amphibole) DN-219 1.65 260 1500*850*1080
6 Sharpen machine DN-112 0.55 65 700*500*850

Production show

Bbq toothpick production lineBbq toothpick production line

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  1. I am interested in these machines to produce the stick What is the type of wood allowed? Is it possible to send a price offer?


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