Wood Toothpick Production Line


Introduction of the wooden toothpick making production line

This Wooden Toothpick Making Production Line includes 8 sets or 10 sets. The different of production between wood toothpick and bamboo toothpick is two parts in toothpick polishing machine and Toothpick sharpen machine and some spare parts in other same machines.

Production process of wooden toothpick production line

Wood Toothpick Making Production Line Process flow: The log is processed into standard dry square billets in advance—slicing—pulling into filaments (bleaching and drying)—cut to length—grinding—sharpening and engraving—packaging.

Application of wooden toothpick production line

Wood Toothpick Making Machine can made:  Toothpick, BBQ skewer stick, incense stick, swab stick etc.

Details parameter 

Name Model Power(KW) Weight(KG) Size (mm)
1 Timber dividing machine DN-656 6.05 260 1050*680*1050
2 Wood filament shaping machine DN-652 4.77 260 1050*680*1050
3 Wood filament set-size machine DN-105 0.75 75 800*700*900
4 Toothpick filament set-size machine DN-114 2.57 140 900*700*950
5 Polishing machine DN-80 1.1 110 1050*1050*1200
6 Toothpick set-size machine DN-113 0.37 65 1050*900*850
7 Tooth pick mincing machine (unoccupied or amphibole) DN-268 1.65 160 950*650*1050
8 Sharpen machine DN-112 0.37 60 700*500*850

Production show

Product show
  1. If producing two pointed wooden toothpicks, only need to replace the No. 7 two pointed sharpening machine, the same 8 is a Set, 8 hours production capacity 800,000. Also increase the No. 7 machine, the output is doubled.
  1. Generally, 1.2 million wooden toothpicks with a diameter of 2.2×65 mm can be produced per cubic meter of wood. Different from wood and hardwood materials, about 150-200 kg

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