Practical Polishing Machine Maintenance Instructions

Toothpick polishing machine

Firstly, after every 40 hours of operation, check the air filter installed under each polishing machine and turntable, and clean the shaft (do not use compressed air).

Secondly, for two months or 300 hours, you need to manually lubricate the shaft that supports the movement of the liquid wax spray gun; work for three months or 500 hours, lubricate principal axis, bearings, and the blots. Manual gears and turntable bearings are also lubricated.

Every four months or 650 hours, according to the instructions, lubricate the sleeve of the transverse converter and the lubrication point of each polishing machine, lubricate the ball bushing on the conversion table and the ball bushing on the upper inclined table. Manually lubricate the rack and pinion.

Every six months or 1000 hours, turn off the main electrical control box, carefully clean the electrical box with a vacuum cleaner to remove the metal powder; check the signal lights, replace them if necessary; ensure that the active compressed air pipes and pressure gauge are normal.

Finally, check the bearings of the electric motor for no noise, replace them if necessary; keep the electric motor away from polishing powder and grease; ensure that the motor is properly ventilated and unobstructed; check that the metal protection sheet is in good condition.

In a word, if we want to extend the service life of polishing machines and save costs, we must maintain the equipment regularly to maximize our production efficiency.

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