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Toothpick polishing machine 1

Most of the existing toothpicks are made of bamboo. After the initial cutting, the toothpicks have rough surfaces and burrs, which need to be polished and smoothed. The existing polishing machine motor drives the front and rear and collides to polish the toothpicks’ surface. This type of toothpick polishing machine is prone to the presence of defective products, affecting the quality of the toothpick product, and the polishing efficiency is lower when there are more toothpick sticks in the polishing machine.


In order to achieve high output and improve the polishing rate of toothpicks, our company’s toothpick polishing machine includes a rack, a powerful machine and a box mounted on the frame, and a crank connecting rod device connected to the power machine. The crank connecting rod device can horizontally reciprocate the moving frame along the length of the box. The inner cavity of the box is divided by a vertical partition into a plurality of boxes with a width adapted to the toothpick bar, and a lower part of each box has a rod frame penetrating the box; the length of the rod frame is greater than the length of the box; one end of the rod frame is connected by a crank The rod device is coupled to the power machine; the rod frame includes a chassis and a forked frame connected to the chassis by a vertical rod; the length of the fork frame is less than 1/2 of the length of the chassis.


Toothpick Polishing machine


The underframe includes two crossbars, and the top of the crossbar is provided with a plurality of triangular projections or inferior arcuate grooves. The fork frame presses the toothpick stick stacked in the box, and combines the protrusions and the grooves on the top of the cross bar, so that the toothpick stick is continuously pressed and pushed up with the moving frame to make the toothpick stick It is expected to roll faster and improve polishing efficiency.


The two ends of the plurality of rod frames are respectively connected by a longitudinal rod to form a moving frame; the moving frame is connected with the power machine through the crank connecting rod device, thereby reducing the connection of the crank connecting rod device to the rod frame one by one, reducing the number of crank connecting rod devices; The bottom is provided with a roller for the vertical moving frame; the roller has rollers at both ends; and the frame is provided with a track matching the roller. The mobile frame is erected on the frame by rollers and is reciprocated along the track by rollers.

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