Bamboo toothpick making machine exported to Nigeria

Recently, the toothpick making machines in our factory are very popular, and we have exported many sets of toothpick processing equipment to many countries. Last week, we shipped another bamboo toothpick production line to Nigeria. We also provided the Nigerian customer with a lot of technical information and instruction manuals and work videos of the toothpick machine.

What machines do you need to make bamboo toothpicks?

In fact, the processing technology of wooden toothpicks and bamboo toothpicks are very similar, especially the forming, polishing, sharpening, and packaging of toothpicks. However, due to different raw materials, the front-end processing of the bamboo toothpick production line and wooden toothpick production line is different.

Toothpick machines for shipping
toothpick machines for shipping

The complete bamboo toothpick production line mainly includes the sawing machine, stripping machine, bamboo sheets slicing machine, stick forming machine, stick set-size machine, a toothpick chopping machine, toothpick polishing machine, toothpicks sharpening machine, toothpick packaging machine, etc.

Why did the Nigeria customer choose our bamboo toothpick making machine?

  1. There is no local manufacturer of toothpick machines. The customer stated that there is no manufacturer of toothpick machines in his city, so he can only produce bamboo toothpick making machine by importing equipment from abroad.
  2. The Nigerian client has a certain amount of investment capital and wants to invest in a project that can meet market demand. Moreover, he did a research on the local market and found that the local toothpick products can basically only rely on imports, and toothpicks are widely used in the local area, and the demand is large.
  3. The investment cost of the toothpick machine is not high, and it is a project with a high investment return ratio. The customer’s bamboo toothpicks made by the toothpick production line can be supplied to various hotels, restaurants, and various retail stores.

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