Pakistan customer ordered a wooden toothpick production line

In some economically underdeveloped places, toothpicks can only rely on imports. Therefore, the development of the toothpick processing industry can not only achieve profitability but also meet the needs of the local market and promote industrial development. Nowadays, buying a complete toothpick production line to produce toothpicks is an industry-supported by many local governments. Recently, a Pakistani customer purchased a full set of wooden toothpick production lines from our factory for the local government.

How much is the wooden toothpick production line?

The price of the wooden toothpick production line is determined by its output and processing technology. The configuration of toothpick machines of different specifications is different, and accordingly, the output and processing technology are also different.

Toothpicks made by the commercial toothpick machine
toothpicks made by the commercial toothpick machine

Usually, those who want to invest in a toothpick processing business will buy a full set of processing equipment, because the production of toothpicks is relatively delicate and requires different processing steps.

Details of the Pakistan wooden toothpick production line

The brother of the Pakistani customer is a middleman who often helps his domestic customers purchase machinery and various processing equipment from China, so he got acquainted with many Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

He conducted industry surveys and market analysis of toothpick processing for three months in the local area, and finally decided to ask his brother to help choose a reliable Chinese toothpick maker manufacturer.

Professional toothpick processing plant
professional toothpick processing plant

The brother of the Pakistani customer contacted us through the introduction of a Chinese supplier he knew well. Our factory is located in central China. The toothpick machines produced by our factory are not only exported to various countries, but also sold well in China, so the reputation is very good.

Through further contact, we learned that the Pakistani customer mainly wanted to use logs to make wooden toothpicks. The required toothpick size is 2mm in diameter and 65mm in length. According to the specific requirements of the Pakistani customer, we recommended a complete wooden toothpick production line for him.

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  1. We are interested in making a Factory in Punjab province Pakistan.
    For manyfacturning tootpick.

    We are not knowing well about the profitability of this factory.

    Can you guide us.

    Need detail list of machinery and prices


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