What should I pay attention to when installing Toothpick processing machine?

We are a professional Toothpick processing machine manufacturer. We have a wide range of products. Our barbecue bamboo stick products are produced by Toothpick processing machine. 1, should pay great attention to avoid the production Installation deviation. 1) The upper pressing gland should be carried out after the coupling is straightened. The bolt should be … Read more

Bamboo toothpick production line has arrived in Singapore port

On October 22nd, our bamboo toothpick production line arrived in Singapore, and the customer was very satisfied with the product after inspection. This is a pleasant cooperation. The following are notes: 1. Before using the bamboo toothpick production line for the first time, please read the operation manual carefully and strictly follow the operation requirements … Read more

The toothpick machine manufacturer teaches you to choose the right toothpick machine correctly.

If traditional chopsticks are used, it will not only take time and effort, but the chopsticks produced may not meet the needs of today’s consumers. Therefore, many chopsticks manufacturers have introduced toothpick machines, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of chopsticks. The chopsticks that come out are also very beautiful. What should manufacturers pay … Read more

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