How to use the toothpick correctly? Toothpick machine manufacturers to brief

The toothpick machine is specialized in the production of toothpicks. Very common in our lives. Many consumers will choose to use a toothpick. At the time of eating, the structure of the teeth is different. There may be some problems with the teeth. Using a toothpick is a very good way. This time, the toothpick machine manufacturer will briefly describe how to use the toothpick correctly.
Toothpick is a common thing in our life. Reasonable practicality has very high benefits, and society is constantly changing. We may have teething after eating, or need to eat fruit or something. Toothpicks are used. But many consumers don’t use toothpicks very much. This time, the toothpick machine manufacturer said that the use of the toothpick is correct.
Proper use of toothpicks will protect our teeth better with the use of toothpicks. So, here’s the correct way to use a toothpick.
1. Use a toothpick once a day or after each meal.
2. The toothpick enters between the tooth and the gum at a 45 degree angle.
3. The tip points in the direction of the bite, and the side edge contacts the gum of the interdental space.
4, slowly slide along the two tooth surfaces of each tooth, the force should not be too fast, too strong.
5. Use the side edge of the toothpick to scrape the tooth surface along the tooth surface, especially in the concave root surface and the branch of the root. The toothpick tip and the side edge can be scraped, and the tooth surface can be polished. Then if there is food fiber embedding, you can do a buccal lingual puncture to remove the food.
6. Finally, rinse your mouth and spit out the food residue and dirt along with the mouthwash.
A toothpick is a relatively sharp thing. Therefore, it is better to use less in life. At the same time, when using a toothpick, pay more attention to safety and caution. The toothpick machine is specialized in the production of toothpicks. Interested consumers can learn more.

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