Toothpick Sharpen Machine

Sharpen machine
Sharpen machine

This Sharpen Machine is an auxiliary machine in the Bamboo toothpick or BBQ stick Making production line. It uses for grinding knives of machines such as Timber dividing machine, wood or bamboo filament shaping machine processing line, wood and so on. The diameter of its knife is 400mm.

Feature of the Toothpick Sharpen Machine

Sharpen Machine is protected by a protective cover, safe and secure. The blade is made of stainless steel, which is sharp and durable and easy to operate. The square frame supports the workers, and the workers are easy to operate. At the same time, the mechanical principle is used to make the operation more labor-saving.

Application of the Toothpick Sharpen Machine

  1. The sharpening machine has low noise, stable working performance and it can work for a long time without failure.
  2. And it is easy to maintain, the operation only needs one person, saving manpower.
  3. Sharpen Machine consumes less energy and saves electricity.


Model DN-112
Name Sawing machine (Bamboo)
Power(KW) 0.55
Weight(KG) 65
Size (mm) 700*500*850

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