BBQ Stick Mincing Machine

Bbq stick mincing machine1
Bbq stick mincing machine2

This machine is the ninth step in the Bamboo or wood BBQ Stick making production line. It uses for sharpening toothpicks.

This machine is mainly used for sharpening toothpicks. Put the BBQ Stick into the machine, the BBQ Stick enters the tray to rotate, and the belt at the upper end of the tray drives the toothpick to carry on automatically. After the grinding disc, it is sharpened.

Feature of the BBQ stick mincing machine

  1. BBQ Stick Mincing Machine has low noise, stable working performance, long working time and no faults.
  2. Easy to maintain, only one person to operate, saving manpower.
  3. This machine consumes less energy and saves electricity.

Parameter of the BBQ stick mincing machine

Model DN-219
Name BBQ Stick mincing machine
Power(KW) 1.65
Weight(KG) 260
Size (mm) 1500*850*1080

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