Use toothpicks to pay attention to health and safety

Toothpicks can help people, but using improper toothpicks can become a big hazard. A small toothpick may contain tens of thousands of bacteria, which are easy to get from the mouth, such as hepatitis B, tuberculosis and other diseases. Recently, China Consumers Association issued a consumer warning that many toothpicks equipped in domestic restaurants are … Read more

Bamboo stick machine manufacturers introduce the production steps of the product

Bamboo sign machine to produce bamboo sticks: sawing the original bamboo section – sectioning – fixed width flattening – layering – bleaching mildew – drying – fixed length – polishing – fixed length – sharpening – packaging – factory . Toothpick machine manufacturers Shuliy Machinery Factory specializes in producing bamboo sticking machine. We specialize in … Read more

How to buy toothpick correctly – toothpick machine manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer of toothpick machines, many people in life like to pick up their toothpicks when they have finished eating, but if you use three toothpicks, you should be careful. Most consumers habitually use the toothpick provided by the restaurant after eating at the restaurant, but few people pay attention to whether the … Read more

The toothpick machine has fast speed and unique feeding characteristics

Toothpick machine is the raw material bamboo or wood, through a series of production lines, it has the speed, unique feeding, avoid empty package, high efficiency. The toothpick machine factory produces the bamboo and wooden product mechanical equipment, the product has already sold the domestic each place as well as Africa, Europe, southeast Asia and … Read more

What should I pay attention to when installing Toothpick processing machine?

We are a professional Toothpick processing machine manufacturer. We have a wide range of products. Our barbecue bamboo stick products are produced by Toothpick processing machine. 1, should pay great attention to avoid the production Installation deviation. 1) The upper pressing gland should be carried out after the coupling is straightened. The bolt should be … Read more

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