Use toothpicks to pay attention to health and safety

Toothpicks can help people, but using improper toothpicks can become a big hazard.
A small toothpick may contain tens of thousands of bacteria, which are easy to get from the mouth, such as hepatitis B, tuberculosis and other diseases. Recently, China Consumers Association issued a consumer warning that many toothpicks equipped in domestic restaurants are “three no” products, and the state has not yet established relevant standards for toothpicks.


Therefore, consumers should only select one toothpick each time and break it after use to prevent secondary pollution.
It is understood that the issue of toothpick safety can be produced in two stages. First, in the production stage, due to the low content of the toothpick making technology, the producers are mostly family workshops, and the quality is difficult to guarantee; the second is that secondary pollution may occur due to improper storage during use.
The above is the hazard of the toothpick and must be avoided when using it.
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