The Guidance of Using Dental Floss and Toothpicks

There are two types of dental floss. One is a white line made of soft rubber. After brushing the teeth, we can take out a floss, then we stand against the mirror and slide it up and down in the middle of our teeth to clean the stains hidden in our teeth. Because of the cost-effective price, the floss is used to clean the teeth. Another type of dental floss is popular in foreign countries. Its shape will be shaped like a toothbrush, with a small handle and several vertical flosses. When using this floss, you can stick some toothpaste or baking soda powder, and then brush.

When using a toothpick, slowly place the toothpick along the tooth surface into the bottom of the sulcus, and then gently push out the food residue to the lingual side. The movement must be gentle to avoid damage to the periodontal tissue. It is best to gargle 15 to 20 minutes after eating. When gargle, close your mouth, use a certain force to agitate the cheeks, make the mouthwash flow back and forth through the teeth, and rinse the food residue and other attachments out of the caulking area.

Be sure to use toothpicks that are produced in accordance with national regulations.

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