Application of Bamboo Dissection Machine in Bamboo Processing

Application of bamboo dissection machine in bamboo processing

The bamboo dissection machine is driven by a motor to break the bamboo into uniform width bamboo strips in bamboo processing. It is mainly used for the preparation of bamboo products in the early stage of bamboo production. There are a lot of tools installed on the front end of the broken bamboo machine. When the bamboo passes through the front end of the broken bamboo machine, the bamboo can be automatically divided into 8 pieces, 12 pieces, 16 pieces of bamboo strips with the same width. The advantage of this kind of equipment is that it can automatically and evenly break the bamboo and divide it. Bamboo breaking machines are mainly used in bamboo processing enterprises, and small bamboo dissection machines are widely used in some small workshops. All bamboo products processing enterprises will use bamboo dissection machines. In the process of processing bamboo products, the first thing to do is to break the bamboo and divide it into bamboo strips of the same width, and then process the divided bamboo wool into a thickness of 0.2~0.5 mm. Bamboo raft. These bamboo rafts are the raw materials needed for bamboo products.

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