What’s the role of the toothpick produced by the toothpick machine!

Many people will use it after eating! We should all know this point. In our lives, toothpicks still have a lot of other functions! Although the toothpicks produced by our toothpick machines are small , it has a very important role! If you want to know more , you can read the following passage written by our toothpick machinery manufacturers !

  • Temporary bookmark.Hardly when you read a book at home, there is something to leave. If there is no bookmark at hand, what should you do? Use a toothpick.
  • Handcraft making . Use toothpicks and let children make some simple little toys, and exercise the children’s hands-on ability to develop the children’s imagination.
  • Cleaning the comb . Long hair is hardly removed on the comb. It is very troublesome . Take out a toothpick and pick them out from the comb.
  • The dust in the electronic equipment,such as mobile phones, notebooks, etc. are easy to accumulate for a long time, but they are too small to be cleaned. The toothpicks are wrapped with a piece of tissue and then inserted into the mobile phone slot to wipe.

If you have had such trouble things in your daily life, using a toothpick is a good choice!

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