The secret of the toothpick

Toothpicks are something we often use. I believe that it is also available for every family. Almost all of us use toothpicks after we have finished eating. Mainly because when we are eating, especially meat, something is easier to get stuck in our teeth, which make us very uncomfortable. Therefore, we have our toothpicks for such problems. Do not look down upon toothpick. It is a small tool that is indispensable in our daily life. And what’s the secret in the toothpicks? This article will tell you.

There are several small grooves at the top of our toothpick. Why? For the beautiful appearance, ?Actually,toothpick making manufacturer has the reason. Those who have used toothpicks know that the shape of the toothpick itself is no different. Just saying that there will be a few small grooves at the top of the toothpick, don’t think that it is just a decorative effect as we think. These small grooves are also a great use of it. Then we can break the groove part of the toothpick and lay it flat on our table. That is to say, when we usually use the toothpick, we can put the pointed part of the toothpick on it. So we won’t dirty our toothpick head, because it’s easy to dirty if you put it directly on the table.

The secret of the toothpick

Doing so will prevent the toothpicks from getting dirty and avoid misuse by others. Although we wipe the tabletop before we have meals, and the toothpicks are generally used after eating, there are oil stains and other stains on the desktop. If our toothpick runs out, put it directly on the table and then continue to use. If you use it again, it is very likely that the stains remain on the table and bacteria get on our toothpick, which is likely to be brought into our mouth.

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