Make a Handcraft With Toothpicks

Many friends know what the toothpick is doing, but many don’t know that the toothpicks can also be used as a craft. This article will briefly introduce how to make a small craft chair with toothpicks at home.

1. Prepare tools and materials: ten toothpicks, white glue, thread, foam, and scissors.

2. Cross the tops of the two toothpicks and insert them on the foam. The intersections are glued.

3. After crossing the distance of one toothpick, cross the other two toothpicks, and the top is also crossed and glued.

4. Place a toothpick at two intersections and glue it with white latex and four crossed toothpicks.

5. Take another five toothpicks and cut the tip with scissors.

6. Each one is divided into two, each of which is glued in a row with white latex, and the two rows are at an angle of about 135 degrees.

7. Take the thread, fold it half, and divide it into two pieces.

8. One end of the paragraph is hung on the left side of the bottom toothpick. The other three ends also bypassed the top toothpicks, which were hung on the toothpicks at the four corners of the swing.

9. Adjust the position of the line on the beam so that the seat of the swing is placed at the most comfortable angle.

Toothpick making machines

Cautions :

The depth of the toothpick into the foam is the same, and the swing is just as high on both sides. When the five toothpicks of the seat are divided into two, the seat is cut to the same length and the seat looks good.

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