Toothpick Set-size Machine

Toothpick Set-size Machine

Brief Introduction

This Toothpick set-size machine is the eighth step in Bamboo or wood toothpick Making production line. It uses for sorting toothpick out。


This Toothpick set-size machine is mainly used for sorting toothpick out. The machine has a grid that conforms to the size of the toothpicks.By motor vibration, the toothpick swings to facilitate the next step.


  1. The Toothpick set-size machine has low noise, stable working performance and can work for a long time without failure;
  2. And easy to maintain, the operation only needs one person, saving manpower;
  3. Toothpick set-size machine consumes less energy and saves electricity.


Model DN-113
Name Toothpick set-size machine
Power(KW) 0.37
Weight(KG) 65
Size (mm) 1050*900*850


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