Bamboo Timber Dividing Machine

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This Machine is the third step in the bamboo toothpick or BBQ stick Making production line. It uses for dividing Bamboo timber.

This Bamboo Timber Dividing Machine is mainly used for cutting bamboo and dividing the bamboo into thinner bamboo strips to facilitate subsequent operations such as shredding. The rotating wheel conveys the bamboo into the machine and divides the bamboo into a plurality of thin bamboo strips through a vertical blade. Then, it is driven out through the rear transfer wheel.

Feature of the bamboo timber dividing machine

  1. The Machine has low noise, stable working performance and can work for a long time without failure.
  2. And easy to maintain, the operation only needs one person, saving manpower.
  3. Bamboo Timber Cutting Machine consumes less energy and saves electricity.

Parameter of the bamboo timber dividing machine

Model DN-103
Name Bamboo Timber Dividing Machine
Power(KW) 3.0
Weight(KG) 260
Size(mm) 1180*680*1100

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