Bamboo Sawing Machine

Bamboo sawing machine2 1
Bamboo sawing machine1

This Bamboo Sawing Machine is the first step in Bamboo toothpick or BBQ stick making production line. It uses for sawing bamboo, wood and so on. The diameter of its knife is 400 mm.

This Machine is protected by a protective cover, safe and secure. The blade is made of stainless steel, which is sharp and durable and easy to operate. The square frame supports the workers, and the workers are easy to operate. At the same time, the mechanical principle is used to make the operation more labor-saving.

Application of the bamboo sawing machine

This Bamboo Sawing Machine not only uses for cutting Bamboo and also for other raw materials such as wood , straw, plastic  and so on.

Parameter of the bamboo sawing machine

Model DN-111
Name Sawing machine (Bamboo)
Power(KW) 1.5
Weight(KG) 60
Size(mm) 750*600*1300

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